We are a Full Service Advertising Agency based in Mumbai. We believe the journey is as important, as the destination. We are Purple Rabbit, the doers, the thinkers, the story tellers.

Interactivity brings infinity. That’s the sole thought upon which we operate. If we make communication interactive, the possibilities are endless. Engaging our audience in a good conversation is what we love to do.


We make things happen

Established in year 2010, Purple Rabbit is a young company that produces ideas for marketing and promotions. The company has worked with several corporate brands and many start up brands and has been developing in strength and services. The year 2012 marks a major change in the way we operate and will be the turning point from being a design agency to a full service advertising agency. We have travelled a lot and ready for more.

Our background

Our founders come from various backgrounds from Arts, to Engineering. It helps us understand a wider group of society and come up with works that are more in line with how the people in general think. Needless to say, we do have people who have worked in this field for long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. We may not have many grey hairs, but we are not green thorns either. Just old enough to understand how the world works and young enough to still hope to bring about a change. That is who we are. And that is what we want Purple Rabbit to be.

The infinity factor

It would be tempting to include how the start of universe is related with advertising and thereby with us. But it doesn’t really tell people about how it adds any value to our clients. It doesn’t really tell you what we believe in. In definition, Purple Rabbit is an idea to get more ideas and ways to communicate well. With communication you could propose a commitment of a lifetime, bring about an uproar in the society, or simply bring a smile on someone’s face. Who knows what can happen when you set out to explore the possibilities that communication offers. Everyday brings us new ideas & we love to indulge in them. It’s like an opening of a whole new world each time you say hello to a stranger.  Its not very difficult to arrive at a conclusion for us that “Infinity begins with Interaction”

You meet someone at a subway, you look at them, and they look at you. When eyes meet you form that first bond of communication. People pass but your eyes linger on each other, holding a promise that is unsaid. It’s up to you to take up that step and make things possible. What limits you is a choice of a few basic actions. You could give a smile. You could wave your hand. You could go up to them and say HELLO. You decide to do just that. What would they say, would they ask you to give your number, and will they meet again? Where will this lead you? Possibilities are endless.

A guy looks at a sign that says help is needed. No one else reads, but he does. It says they need help with their business. He calls on the number, the line is busy. He calls again. He doesn’t know what to say, he thinks about what to say, but doesn’t have the answer. Phone is picked up, and he says HELLO. Will it be just another scam? Or would it be his chance to make it big? What will become of him? Possibilities are endless.

Communication is endless, once you start, it takes you to places, shows you sights unimaginable, makes you fly. We love to engage into a conversation that will change a lot of lives. That’s a good enough reason for us to be in business of conversations, to be in advertising.


Our services run across the sectors and are centered on the whole idea of “the idea”. What we offer is not just a brochure or a web layout, it runs much deeper. We offer our client ideas based on their needs and come up with customized solutions that fit the need of our clients. We believe in the idea of responsibility. So we take responsibility for our client’s business, and are always thinking about little and big ways to increase the business of our clients. Because its only when our clients grow, will we have the satisfaction and measurable growth.
Of course some of us insisted on listing the services in a form that saves time. So here are our services in short. It’s a little too simple and not very elaborate, but don’t worry if you don’t see what you want listed here. We would love to meet you and discuss how we can achieve the end objective for you.

Logo Designing and other creative services


- 360 Degree Branding
- Logo Designing
- Campaign Designing
- Corporate Identity
- Flash Presentations
- Corporate Films

Exhibition stall designing mumbai bangalore delhi noida

2D / 3D

- Animation
- Stall Designing
- Character Designing
- Elevations
- Walkthrough

Brochure designing agency thane mumbai


- Brochures Designing
- Catalogues
- Booklets
- Print Packaging
- Menu Designing
- Posters
- Flyer / Handouts
- Stationery
- Folders
- Annual Reports

BTL agency thane mumbai


- Hoardings & Gantry
- Bus Shelters/ Panels
- Dealer Boards
- Kiosk
- Banners & Standees
- Displays, Backlits
- Inflatables
- Dispensers
- Canopy
- Gifting & Other accessories

Html flash website designing development agency


- Website Designing
- Online Campaigns
- Social Media Mktg.
- E-Presentations





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PUNE :+91 9769 750 542


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